10 Nature Inspired Healthy Lifestyle Tips

There are so many reasons why we feel we live on an emotional roller coaster. With twenty-four-hour news coming into our inbox, accosting us on our TV, and viewed on our computers, we often feel overwhelmed with negativity. It seems we live in an ever-increasing world of stress brought on by political mayhem, environmental disasters, and mass genocide. How can we find some balance and embrace a more serene approach to the world we live in? As research and our own hearts tell us, the solution is simple…go back to Nature. In our homes and in our own backyard it is important to incorporate elements of nature to support a healthy lifestyle. Below is a list of Nature Inspired Healthy Lifestyle Tips to help you find balance and serenity that you can tap into and enjoy on a daily basis.

10 Nature Inspired Healthy Lifestyle Tips

1. Create a Nature Inspired Healthy Food Environment
 • Check out: Why Livliga Works—It's Nature Inspired

2. Paint Your Kitchen and Dining Area in Calming, Positive Colors 
 • Check out: Livliga's Pinterest Board—2020 Color Trends

3. Eat Whole Foods, not too much, mostly plants
 • Check out: Michael Pollen, In Defense of Food

4. Choose Dishware that is Nature Inspired and Right-sized
 • Check out: Livliga nature-inspired dinnerware 

5. Choose materials that you use to cook with and eat on that are earth-friendly and healthfully made
 • Check out: What Debra Lyn Dadd, toxic-free products expert, says about Livliga!

6. Take a Walk in the Forest
 • Check out: the benefits of Japanese forest-bathing, or shinrin-yoku

7. Read poetry about nature, from poets like Walt Whitman or Maya Angelou

8. Create Your Own Garden
 • Did you know the famous painter Monet created his own garden so he could paint what he loved over and over again?

9. Listen to Nature Inspired Music

 •Especially when preparing your meal and eating it 

 •Enjoy Beethoven’s Pastorale

10. Take photos of you in Nature

 •Blow them up and frame them to put in your kitchen, where you eat, and any other area you want to add some fun memories in Nature. 

We tend to reflect in our mood what we are experiencing around us. To buffer ourselves against the negativity we are feeling we need to create a positive environment to live in. Our home becomes our sanctuary. Make it a reflection of the beauty of nature.  Your mind, body, and soul will thank you.

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