Designing Clean Luxurious Fashion (Guest Blog)

Designing Clean Luxurious Fashion (Guest Blog)

There are two essential desires in life that should never have to be compromised: comfort and a healthy environment. The importance of sustainably-sourced fibers and clean manufacturing cannot be emphasized enough, especially as we move into a new year of working to reach global SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) and milestones set in place by the Paris Agreement. 


So it is time to get Green and Clean. If you are asking yourself, "What is Clean and Green?", then please read on…


Both Clean Fashion and Green Fashion are a part of the sustainable-apparel ecosystem, but Clean Fashion takes it a step further. Clean Fashion not only concerns itself with the impact on the environment, fibers, and water usage, but it also incorporates toxic-free practices, human rights, and reducing its carbon impact on the planet. 


A.Lynn prioritizes clean fashion practices to ensure the apparel we put on our skin promotes both healthy living and a better environment. 


“We believe in regenerative approaches to our designs and fibers,” says Andrea Seemayer, founder and CEO of A.Lynn, “This means that we aim to make all of our materials clean and low impact.”


Sustainability is not a one-size-fits-all solution. When A.Lynn instituted a regenerative approach to their manufacturing and business model, the team looked at the 360° impact fashion has on the environment and built out A.Lynn’s sustainable mission, coined A.L.Sustainable.


“We do not have to compromise luxury and a clean environment,” Andrea explains. “It starts with designing timeless pieces from carefully sourced fibers and domestically engineered fabrics that are not only healthy for your skin but also feel luxurious on your body all day long.” And this makes all the difference when choosing what t-shirt to snuggle up in, or put your baby to bed in.


You see, sustainability is incredibly important, but 'clean fashion’ bridges the gap between saving the environment and living in healthy apparel. At A.Lynn, not only do they utilize production facilities that are C02 neutral, but their fibers use 20x less water than sources like cotton, and you'll never find toxic dyes in A.Lynn products. 


A.Lynn’s greatest impact may, however, be in reducing fashion waste. Their unique Sizeology is a newly invented size system designed to enable our consumers to buy a product that fits both their height and width. This reduces their returns (one of the largest contributors to apparel waste and increased landfill) by more than 40% on average, but up to 70% compared to some common retailers. 


So how can you shop clean? It is all about asking the brand questions. Here are a few to start with:


  • What fibers do you use in your fabrics?
  • Are your dyes non-toxic? 
  • Does your manufacturer(s) carry any Domestic or International Compliance Certifications? Ex: Wrap/ Sedex/ BSCI 
  • Do you source sustainably-made packing and shipping materials?
  • Do you provide any recycling efforts in your business model?

And, A.lynn is happy to answer any questions. Just direct message them on Instagram (@A.Lynndesigns).


Non-toxic clean fashion is not a luxury but a human right. A.Lynn works hard to employ the cleanest practices on every level of their designs so that our community can stress-less about their apparel and enjoy more time living healthy and purposeful lives. 


Better Fit. Better Comfort. Better Environment. 

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