The Sentiment of Transport

The Sentiment of Transport

Photo Credit: Hannah Jan

(GUEST EDIT with Merchants of Beauty)


This week, well-social received the chance to sit down with Merchants of Beauty founder and creative designer, Ava Ghiotti. We discussed the ins and outs of the inspiration behind her newest limited release candle, Rocket 3,2,1, and the series it inspired.  Focused on the candle’s theme of transport, the Food and Inspired Mood series is a culinary experience curated around complementary pairings to the bold fragrance notes in Rocket 3, 2,1. 


Ava has always found power in curating experiences through her candles, playing on the colors, scents, names, and designs. Rocket 3,2,1 takes this a step further.


Connecting with Ava via zoom, she spoke to the reality of our last year spent during a global pandemic; So many of the things we love have changed, and being stuck at home inspired the question of where Merchants of Beauty could take consumers with a new product. She knew she wanted to make a statement that connects to something bigger than the brand while allowing others to relate and find encouragement in her candle. 


Aesthetically, Ava wanted the design to feel whimsical and cosmic, choosing dark metallic shades with a playful rocketship symbol.  The Rocket 3,2,1 design plays to the larger themes of imagination and transport, symbolic of providing a welcomed escape and connecting to the uplifting feelings of travel.   Ava wanted to play to the idea of how powerful our minds are -- that with great intention, we are able to transform the spaces around us and use our imagination to take us somewhere else entirely. This year has forced us each to really take note of our environment, helping her realize that the objects she surrounds herself with can deeply impact her day-to-day mindset.


Merchants of Beauty embodies wellness by defining candles as meaningful objects and vehicles for uplifting and inspiring mood. The intention behind this new candle reminds us that we have the power to transform our mood, environment, and outlook on the world around us.   With a bit of mindfulness and intention, our minds can truly transport us anywhere we can  imagine.

Ava celebrates how our senses have the ability to impact our wellness and mood. She’s decided to dive into this idea paired with the value of collaboration, exploring the possibilities of scent and food. The notes in Rocket 3,2,1 are heavy and intense, incorporating oakmoss and wild hyacinth, playing on the collaboration of scent inspired taste to create a curated culinary experience and shift the ambiance of your space right at home. 



Pictured Above: Ava Ghiotti (Left) & Micole  Rondinone (Right)


Merchants of Beauty has paired up with The Kitchen by Micole to curate a custom menu inspired by the Rocket 3,2,1 candle pairing. The featured dinner party is inspired by the spice markets of Marrakech, with Morocco as the overarching cultural inspiration. Micole is using earthy, bold, flavors through a diverse mix of spices to complement the notes in the candle. Together, they want to expand the boundaries of where your meals can take you every night; light your candle, grab your spices, transport yourself to another continent when your day ends and your power down. The candle and the menu are an all encompassing experience that becomes a catalyst to transforming the environment you are in and transporting your senses. 




 Photo Credit: Micole Rondinone


There is a childlike joy and spirit of adventure in this candle, celebrating the power of playfulness and a departure from the every day -- a journey that we know everyone in the well-social community (our well-socialites) will appreciate!


Have your own sensory experience to share with scent and taste at it’s core?  Drop us a line and share your story for a chance to win a candle from Merchants of Beauty!


To catch Merchants of Beauty and The Kitchen by Micole collaboration tune into @MerchantsofBeauty IGTV to view the recorded IG Live. Keep your eyes peeled on @well_social instagram for an IG Live event featuring Ava and Micole in the coming months!

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