About Be the Light Malas

Dina Gosselin

My name is Dina and my greatest creations by far are my two beautiful daughters. I have survived civil war, divorce at a very young age and many moves in search of a true home. I found refuge in my husband and settled in the sunniest brightest beautiful state of Florida. 

While my fingers knot each stone to create your malas, it's our journeys symbolically weaving us together that I see as a privilege of a lifetime. I hope that by having one of my malas, you delve deeply into your life to discover ways to live up to your highest potential.


Be The Light Malas is more than just jewelry. My mission is to encourage you to unlock your personal abundance and ultimate state of wellness through the power of authentic semi- precious gemstones & crystal jewelry. Hand knotting each and every one of my creations to share with you brings me so much joy, purpose, and gratification. I hope to encourage mindfulness in you daily lives by wearing a healing Mala so you can continue to shine YOUR light.


You can shop Dina's site here. Use the code "wellsocial20" for 20% off!