About errb shop

Maggie Finneran

Taking a respite from a high-pressure career, Maggie visited an Italian monastery where she experienced the relaxation and calmness of a candle massage for the first time. The 400-year-old recipe created by Franciscan monks was an overwhelmingly powerful spiritual healing that helped her attain balance for the first time in years.

Wanting to bring this experience back to the United States and give others the gift of relaxation, Maggie quickly set to work to develop what is now errbshop. Like every endeavor, Maggie jumped head-first into creating the highest-quality premier candles available. 


To Maggie, errbshop is more than just a store or a product. She aims to ignite balance of mind, body, and spirit through personal health products as well as education. She wants to give you a reason to push pause, to take time for yourself, to reflect and recharge. Because she believes wellness is not an indulgence, but a necessity.


You can shop Maggie's site here. Use the code "wellsocial20" for 20% off!