About Alynn Designs



Andrea Seemayer

A.Lynn was founded by Andrea Seemayer, a fashion industry native and fit expert with a resume including high-end brands such as Zac Posen, Alice and Olivia, and Rebecca Taylor. While working in the field, she found a significant pain point in the fit limitation of size-to-length proportion and a lack of options for quality basics.

    About Aylnn Designs
    A.Lynn crafts luxury basics better fit for individuals’ body types. At A.Lynn, we truly believe that you must feel your best to pursue your life’s purpose, whether you are starting a company, inventing new tech, traveling to help others, or shaping the minds of youth, the one thing you shouldn’t worry about is the fit and comfort of your clothes...that is our job. By offering a new size scale that fits 95% of all body types and using fabrics that have been engineered to be as soft as a second skin, our garments give comfort and confidence all day long.
    None of it would be possible without the strong team of women standing behind A.Lynn!

    You can visit Andrea's site here and use the code "well-social" for 20% off your purchase!