About Casta by Analia


Analia Earhart

Analia Earhart studied Textile Design and Architectural Preservation in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has had a career in both fields working for international clothing brands and developing several historical renovation projects. Currently she divides her time between Portland, Oregon, Argentina and traveling around the world. Casta by Analia represents her two passions- design and wine. The brand is the result of her vision of creating luxury products with a wine lifestyle in mind.
The idea behind the brand is to develop unique products, envisioned as haute couture items, with a timeless design aesthetic.  Incorporating different markets under one brand, Casta by Analia is launching its line of handmade leather wine porters.  Workmanship and quality have  brought centuries of traditional techniques to create a line of elegant luggage for the modern wine lover.
You can visit Analia's site here and use the code "well-social" for 20% off your purchase!