Ava Ghiotti

Founder and creative designer behind candle brand Merchants of Beauty.

She aims to make experiences tangible through a creative line of candles that each tells its own multi-sensory story.

Karen Ballou

Founder of clean, plant based skincare brand Immunocologie.

Esthetician, educator, nutrition and an ardent believer in the importance of building a healthy immune system.

Andrea Seemayer

Founder of size-inclusive luxury fashion brand A.Lynn.

Fashion industry native and fit expert that dedicated herself to create a new size-scale system for better fitting and functioning apparel

Sheila Kemper Dietrich

Founder and CEO of mindful eating brand Livliga.

Recognized the need to “right-size” our food environment through a suite of everyday products to support a healthy lifestyle

Jessica Bates

Founder and product developer of CBD wellness line Moon Mother Hemp.

Passionate about women’s health and wellbeing and incorporating medicinal herbs into everyday products