About Highborn


Lauren Gannes

Like so many people, I have spent my life seeking a deeper connection to the “experience.”

I grew up in a home with a meditating mom and a radiologist dad. I witnessed both pathways to “wellness” and saw how they co-existed, deeply complimenting each other. The understanding of both integrative health and the benefits of balance, from such an early age, has continued to shape my world.
What inspired Highborn was much more than a desire to sell something with pretty smells and nice ingredients. There's already a ton of that. My interest is in exploring the idea of “connection” TOGETHER.

Sustainability always comes first. From our minimal glass packaging to our conscious ingredient sourcing, we consider our carbon footprint in every decision we make. We create beautiful products while maintaining the natural beauty from which our products originate from, operating in harmony with our entire ecosystem.
100% pure ingredients straight from Mother Earth. No-nonsense formulations, free from parabens, preservatives, synthetics, and animal testing.

We source with integrity, hand-selecting each and every essential oil and extract with respect for their true, delicate beauty. We small batch, partnering with organic farmers we trust.
You can visit Lauren's site here and use the code "well-social" for 20% off your purchase!