About Woosh Beauty


Andrea DeVos Abraham 

Andrea is an entrepreneur and businesswoman currently the founder of Woosh Beauty. Woosh was born out of a desire to cut through all the clutter out there and simplify your beauty routine. She brought Woosh into being to create a palette that puts everything you need in one place, and giving you tools to get things done faster, easier, and better.


Inclusivity is a huge priority in everything we do at Woosh. Beauty can be such a polarizing space: you’re either in or you’re out, you have it or you don’t, etc. etc. It can tend to be superficial and catty. But with Woosh, we strive to bring the outsiders in—those who feel like they’re not a part of the conversation. The core mission of Woosh is to help and support women rather than making them feel unworthy or not good enough as they are.


You can visit Andrea's site here and use the code "well-social" for 20% off your purchase!