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Nourish & Enrich Essentials Collection

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Plus, receive a complimentary re-usable, washable nanofilter technology mask that increases airflow ($25 value)


A recent authorized lab test confirmed Immunocologie’s Vital Ionic Mist, made with French Green Clay Fusion, inhibits the activity of furin, an enzyme that is key for many bacteria and viruses to enter in human host cell. As such, the mist tested positively for strengthening the skin barrier and microbiome and protecting it from harmful bacteria, viruses, and microbes that can land on the skin.  

 The natural detoxifying power of French Green Clay Fusion lies at the heart of Immunocologie's approach to skincare. Carefully blended with plant-based ingredients using our patented technology, the wealth of minerals in our French Green Clay Fusion creates a vital foundation for each of our products. French Green Clay Fusion, made from one of the most mineral rich compounds in the world, detoxifies, extracts impurities, reduces free radical activity, visibly reduces the size of pores, and provides essential nourishment to the skin.

 Immunocologie has always been about protection. Now, our protection has been proven, and we have created two packages that promise to enhance your immunity-boosting and safety-seeking efforts in this new era. Our packages come complete with a complimentary re-usable, washable nanofilter technology mask that increases airflow while filtering out microparticles like dust and bacteria ($25 value).

 As with all of our efforts at Immunocologie, social responsibility remains at the core of our DNA. The sale of every Protection Package includes a 10% donation to Heavenly Harvst Foundation.

 From head to toe, your safety and well-being—along with that of our community and planet—is our focus. Powerful protection, powerful nourishment. That is our promise to you.